In this design agency and software company, I worked with a team of designers and programmers to design, develop, produce and implement online-based modules and interactives for MetaStories and its clients through all phases of every project. Duties included web design, print design, user interface design, information architecture, flash animation, illustration, functional prototype development, graphic production, graphic standard and specification development, and storytelling. Worked closely with clients, developers, interactive producers, other designers and design director.


Create a new set of logos and brands for the v2.0 of MetaStories' software StoryMaker.

MetaStories Brands


MetaStories was a hip, young company and they needed marketing collateral to go with its cutting-edge technology. The package included designs for business card, letterhead, mailing label and envelope.

MetaStories Marketing

Bronze Medal - Neenah Paper Letterhead Paperworks Competition, Northwest Region, First Quarter 2001.

Company Website

Redesign the MetaStories Website so that it is easy to navigate, easy to update, clean and professional.

Company Website